Is it okay that I’m annoyed?

I’m 38w3d with baby #3, and I’m a Real Estate Agent. I stopped taking contracts at 35 weeks (just in case) and my last contract, the couple decided to take the house off the market, so I haven’t had any new paychecks. I did have money saved just in case, a month worth of bills (mortgage, groceries, utilities, car payment). My husband makes just enough to cover the bills, but he’s been very reckless with his spending so he’s had to dip into the savings quite a bit. Anyway, he keeps making comments about me going back to work once I have this baby- like immediately going back to work. And I get it, I’m essentially an independent contractor so I make my own schedule but I don’t think he realizes how demanding the job can be- especially if he’s not willing to pay for daycare. So basically, I have to take my oldest to school, stay home with my middle and newborn, pick up oldest from school, take him to speech therapy on days he has it (2 days a week), do all of the grocery shopping, keep the house clean, cook dinner every night and make sure I have time to answer calls, take clients to see houses, advertise houses for sale, host open houses, negotiate contracts in a timely manner, etc. How???

It has been easy up until this point. My oldest is in school, so my 2.5 year old would stay with my mom if I needed to show a house/attend a meeting. But my mom is going back to work, and we have no free babysitters, so we would have to hire someone to come out and watch the newborn and middle as needed. We can’t afford that. I don’t mind going back to work eventually, but I think going back immediately is impossible (I also plan on getting my tubes tied and don’t know how extensive the surgery will be). He keeps making comments and idk what to say, I roll my eyes and he still keeps saying it over and over. I just want to smack him and say, pay for childcare and I’ll go back to work! But that’ll just start a whole other argument. Any advice?