Mother inlaw

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Ok so I'm not due until two weeks from now and mom in-law came to fucking early which was the 10th and leaving Monday the 30th yes I did ask my husband to ask if she can come help but didn't think she would book her flight that soon without telling us well she has over stayed her welcome and said she's gonna come back the 19th which she didn't asked she's just volunteering to be honest what's the point if your not gonna be here to help me when baby arrives? To be honest I just want to be alone with my husband 8yr old and newborn she is starting to get on my nerves and told my husband she's leaving her only bag here which is just a carry on I believe she's doing that so she can make sure she's able to come back she's unstable and I believe she's low-key trying to move in my son even wants her gone I'm sick of her y'all and this is my 1st time actually been around her she has not been supportive to my husband at all our whole 5yr relationship and I feel bad I told him give her a chance and let her help he keeps saying I told you this wasn't a good idea 😭😭