Missed period and then bleeding today


Hello everyone this is my 1st post here.Please if anybody helps me it means a lot to me.So my cycles are very regular like 26 27 28 29 or some months exactly the same date when i got my last period but normaly 26 or 27...but this month i didnt get my period until i waited for the last month date which is 6th of oct..but it didnt show up and no cramps at all..i waited for two days then do the test but its neg but yesterday i was having some stabbing pains on and off and then today in the morning i hv some brown discharge and then 7 o clock it turns pink now i m bleeding..do you guys think that its implantation bleeding or my periods????? coz i hv never been so late its my first time and i am trying to conceive for more than a year for our 1st baby..i m 27 yrs old 😢 please help me