I just wanna know how do women stay friends with other women? I feel since I was in high school all the friends or best friends I thought I had they always stop talking to me for no apparent reason or just do something wrong and I have to choose to not be their friend anymore. I feel I’m just too nice of a person and they take advantage of me but it’s like now when I need someone I have no one, which I know is not true I have family but sometimes you just want a friend. me and SO were talking recently about future plans of marriage and things like that and it’s sad because I think of my wedding and honestly I don’t have much friends to be standing by me which he does and wants all these people so it’s like what do I do. it’s just sad when you realize how people treat you when you thought they were supposed to be there for you. maybe I just haven’t met the right friends? where are these right friends at 😂