I’m so annoyed

Mia • M O M M Y 💕

So... instead of taking my IUD out my doctors says I have a cyst. Oh... You mean the cyst that I don’t have? Because I was there for the ultrasound and the woman said I don’t have any. 🧐 But she DID says the way my uterus is tilted it could cause me this amount of pain. So instead of you taking that into consideration.. you tell me I have a make believe cyst and try to put me on birth control and pain pills along with keep my iud. I was perfectly fine and healthy until I got this stupid IUD. Now I’m in horrendous pain??? I know what a cyst feeling like and this ain’t it. Also, there’s no fluid from the “cyst” that ruptured... you have no proof I have/had/or will have a cyst. But I have proof I had no issues until this IUD.

LOL- and on top of that. It’s been 2 hours and you still haven’t called in my pain pills that I need to keep working today. You have lied to us twice saying you’ve called them in.

Needless to say, I’m looking for a new OB and my husband wants to sue (we aren’t suing)

I’ve been to the ER twice for this and 2 clinics needing help. STILL. NOTHING.

Update- I just took it out!