Body Hair

I am embarrassed

My hair is dark. I have hairy arms, but I do bleach my arm hair.

I have a thick rabbits tale on my stomach that I shave but when me and my boyfriend were making out last night and I feel like he saw the stubble?

My private area is like half shaved but he never said anything.

But I always have a hairy ass and it’s just all over. I get soooo self conscious over it. Like I don’t want to get a wax cause it’s expensive and sounds painful.

I literally have to shave everyday. I don’t know if I should bring this insecurity up to him or not?? Like he always calls me beautiful and he was like “what are you scared I’m going to run away?” And I was like “no”

It’s just hard to be naked in front of someone. This is my first love and I’ve never been this intimate with someone before in my life.

I need advice