Havent had AF Since july 1st-4th. 😣


My last period was July 1st through the 4th .... which makes it 3 months since I've had a period... I've had a few cramps here or there the last few weeks, my breasts get very irritated and tingly some days, I had an increase in white discharge.🤐 I mean all the signs maybe my period would return and nothing. I dont get it.... is there anything I could do to bring it back!? (Before it gets asked, yes I've taken tests, no I'm not pregnant.) I had a girl say she thought I was having a "cryptic pregnacy" I think she called it... but like I said no tests have been positive and I dont have a belly of any sort... so no... please if you have any food, drink, over the counter meds, yoga..idk :( I'll take any advice I can get!