Obsessed with my man 😍 *not literally*


I love my fiancé SO much 😭 he does so much for us an currently

I miss him terribly so I guess I just wanna post a pic an appreciate how blessed I am to have him as a partner an as my daughters father😍❤️ he works 10 hrs away an is only up for weekends sadly ugh 😞 it gets hard cause he’s my best friend an I was very used to just having him near me all the time it just close by an now it’s a whole new ball game an it gets to me sometimes I’ve adjusted quit well since he does travel for work an has been for years. But moments like tonight that I just miss his arms around me at night really put me in a sad mood. He comes home tomorrow thankfully ❤️❤️ I’m not afraid to say I can tell him I love him all day long an be cute an flirty we never got past the “honey moon stage” like everyone would say we would but he is the same as I am we are both crazy for eachother an have been for years ❤️ my Goal is to grow old with this man an have lots of grandbabies with the grace of God hopefully that will one day come true

Idk why the picture is acting weird ?.... it cut most of it off 😞