Ok, breastfeeding mamas.. is anyone’s little baby, biting more often now? My baby seems to do it, not maliciously, and it’s hard not to react to it, and he cries everytime Bc he seems like he feels like he’s doing something bad... poor thing... but sheesh, it hurts lol and it’s hard not to say ouch 😣 lol... I’m afraid this will discourage him from wanting to feed and he’s Gna eventually give up on breastfeeding.. which I Would like to stop soon, just not in this way lol. Not trying to make my baby sad ... I can not believe I’ve breastfed this long 😅; I’m so happy and grateful and happy he’ll be a year old in 27 days, so I can officially start transitioning off the boob lol🙏🏼🎉👏🏼