SAD AND SCARED! Baby is breech at 36+3 days Dr wants me to have Ecv


Help! So as you read in the title, my baby is breeched, she decided to flip around 33 weeks and I am now 36+3 days and flipping out! My babies usually come early so I know I’m close! I have tried the exercises my midwife recommended and nothing! I haven’t had sex so idk if that might help but I am lost, idk what else to do. She recommend I get a ECV procedure done next Monday(exactly 37 weeks) but it’s too risky in my opinion, only works half the time and there’s risks to it like hurting the baby, placenta previa and water breaking🤦🏻‍♀️ people keep telling me she’ll flip on her own but at this stage I doubt it. Any advice on what helps? Any of you go through this? Please any advice helps! I had a water birth scheduled and I am so heart broken at the fact that I might not get to ever experience that as this might be my last baby (3rd) 😭😭😭