Miscarriage due date tomorrow. 😔


Today was suppose to be THE day. The day where we'd finally get to meet you and hold you. The day where everything we've been through the last 9 months would be totally and completely worth it. When you're pregnant everyone is always so eager to give you advice. When the best time to eat is to avoid morning sickness, what the best thing to eat is to avoid morning sickness. Everyone looks at you in this amazing loving way. When you're pregnant everyone is there for you.

When you miscarry it's like the world goes cold. No one knows what to tell you other than the typical "it's nothing you did." Which just makes you more sad for some unknown reason. When you miscarry everything you pictured in you're head about what you're life would look like is gone. You find yourself not being to able to picture you're life tomorrow or the next day. You begin to live you're life day to day, hour to hour, second to second.

I am one in four.

I lost my son at 9 weeks 3 days.

Today was his due date and for months I've dreaded today. Not a day goes by where I don't think of him, how he'd look, who he'd be.

When you're pregnant everyone prepares you on what to do when you're baby is here. When you miscarry no one prepares you for how hard it is to move on past that. Some days are harder than others, sometimes it's okay to not be OKAY.

Today was suppose to be THE day. Instead today is THE day I finally come out and put my loss into words.

Bellamy Alan ❤



I can't believe the amount of love and support I've gotten and I'm so over the moon about it. I appreciate it so much and it definitely helped me through these last few days. I hope we all get our rainbow babies we all deserve very soon! Thank you guys so much! It really means a lot!❤❤