Dropping out to become a stripper

So I can’t dance to save my life. I don’t have a booty so I can’t “shake dat ass” and I have no rhythm what so ever. So sister and her friends who are professional dancers taught me how to “sexy dance” so I could surprise my fiancé. Well I’ve been stretching and doing squats and getting ready, and last night laying around my house I was in a big hoodie and sweatpants and decided to give him a little taste, I turned on my music and dropped it like it was hot and worked that very imaginary pole in our room😂😂😂 but he told me to stop because my sister was over at our house visiting for the weekend and he didn’t want her to walk into our bedroom😂😂😂 so he said wait until tonight, when she goes back home and I can do it fully for him. And I was feeling myself when I danced y’all I’m dropping out of college to become a stripper 😂😂😂 I’ve got my junior prom stilettos back out and I’ve picked out a lingerie set that I’m going to wear, I’m going all out for this tonight. I’ve got my hair done and curled and oooh I’m way to excited for this