I’m not affectionate

So, wondering if anyone else is like this.

I am, personally, not an affectionate person. I kind of used to be, but just certain situations and my own mental health have made me more of a distant person (I guess that’s the best wording for that).

I have never been to be the person in relationships to use pet names, I’m not a hugging type of person... or pda I guess you could say. It’s just not me, never has been and never will be. None of that feels “natural” for me to do, it’s awkward feeling. My dad is 1000% the same way and it’s just how it is. Very analytical, but I do have a fun goofy side, I’m just not affectionate like that. However, with my daughter I love hugs and all that ... just different kind of love with a child.

Well, my husband is constantly saying recently that I’m just not affectionate enough. I’m not this, I’m not that, I don’t say this or that. Etc.

I can get it and understand his side but... the entire 5 years we’ve been together I’ve never been like that. It’s not like I used to be one way and suddenly changed.

I’ve even told him that, you should know I’ve always been this way and he ends up getting upset. I’m truly at a loss on how else to explain this. I can’t change how I am and what I’m comfortable with.

I’m not like a stone cold bitch lol, like I’m super goofy and usually always laughing.

Idk just makes me feel stuck and guilty like I’m not good enough when it’s just how I am.