My brother almost died of sids for no reason

I will always be paranoid about every baby I watch for the rest of my life. I baby sat a 6 month old for someone and they said they were giggling at the fact that I would randomly peel my head in and stare at the baby and then leave and I can see how that’s funny because baby monitor cameras make you look weird so I looked like a little beady eyed baby sitter but there’s a dark reason behind it. I thought my baby brother was gonna die, I remember everything in complete detail. When I was 12 I woke up from a nap and my mom was just across the street not even 100 ft away from Us. My 1 month old brother was in his bassinet on his back and asleep. I yelled for my mom and she was nowhere to be found so I went and looked at him and he was completely blue.. and that might have been because I was freaking out and thought the worst but I will never ever for my whole life forget what he looked like to me. did not look alive blue. I picked him up and rubbed him all over and it sounds mean but I flicked his feet to startle him. It was weird because he was responding to that a little but still not breathing and I was screaming for my mom and I had him in my arms and ran to the house phone and hit 911 but I was so preoccupied with him that I didn’t even respond to the operator because I couldn’t breathe myself I was so scared. I turned him over and opened his mouth with my fingers and slanted him downward and hit his back and he spat out thick snot spit up and breathed. Got pissed off, screamed and turned bright red. I had no idea what I was doing, I think instinct just kicked in. My mom was walking in at this point and I told her what happened and gave the phone to her.

He’s a 12 year old now, and didn’t suffer any effects from this. They just said we were lucky he was found out before it was too late. I feel sick thinking about that.

So if your baby sitter is randomly checking your baby all throughout the night like a weirdo, don’t judge them too much. 😭😭