17 month old hitting newborn

So on Thursday last week I had my second child. My eldest is 17 months. We introduced them for the first time on Sunday afternoon. My eldest Bobby wasn’t really too interested he gave the newborn Freddy some kisses and carried on as he would if Freddy wasn’t there.

Anyway. The next day we all got up together and started the day as normal Bobby is very rough with Freddy - he’s recently learned where his own eyes and nose are so he was poking Freddy’s nose and eyes pretty hard. We’ve explained to him that he has to be gentle and have moved his hands away from Freddy’s face as he will literally shove his fingers in his eyes.

Later that day Freddy had a dirty nappy so I was changing him - Bobby ran over to Freddy and smacked him around the face with a plastic spoon - hard. As I only gave birth a few days ago I’m still pretty emotional so I pushed Bobby away and just cried. This has been ongoing and whenever he gets the chance Bobby will run over to Freddy. Most of the time he’s trying to be nice. He’ll say “night night” as Freddy sleeps most of the day and pat his head but he does it way too hard. Today he hit Freddy on the head and scratched him 😢. I’m just worried that Bobby is going to seriously hurt Freddy.

Bobby seems to be struggling with the addition to the family. He’s been having lots of tantrums over nothing and has started shouting and making a yelling noise. He has also started hitting us with his toys.

I just want to know if anyone has been through this if they have any advice? Or words of wisdom as we’re struggling at the moment.