Am I wrong?


So I have been mostly planning my baby shower by myself because this is my first and probably only child. My mom has been helping out with ideas and what not but so far all of the money has been put in by me to buy the prizes, invites etc. Now that everything is more solidified like the date and place, I have started letting people know so they can plan for it. I told a girl I know and then her sister asked me if she could come, then the girl asked me if it was co ed so her boyfriend could come and then I also realized she would need her mom or another person to come because she cannot drive, so that is +3 people. Same with my sister, I asked her if she was bringing her kids and she said maybe because she has no babysitter. So that means it will be her +4 kids that will be 13 and under. Plus her kids are not very respectful & I just feel like I should tell these people no because I have spent a lot of money already plus the food will add up etc and at that point is it really beneficial for me because I will be spending more money to host and entertain these people (most of which are not going to bring me any kind of gift or anything) than it would be for me to just skip the shower and pay money for things we absolutely need and just cancelling the shower. Do I seem wrong or ungrateful?