8 years together

Dawn • Baby girl to arrive April 21

8 years and there is so much in that time that I regret.

My husband and I are always referred to as the same word -successful- we have the house with the view, the well behaved dogs, the new cars in the driveway and the money in the bank. But having just started our little family I’ve come to realize we did it wrong. We got to where we are today by working hard, very hard, from the time we left high school (even graduated early) we have been working 60-80hrs a week with only one thought in our heads « we have to in order to be happy » that’s what we were both taught, money = security = happiness

But it’s not true, we missed 8 YEARS of each other, now that we have our son I’m realizing this. 8 years of date nights cancelled due to work asking us to stay late, of school papers needing to be finished, of management courses and language classes. It’s only now that I watch how fast my little boy is growing up that I wish we had taken more time to smell the flowers instead of rushing past them to get to here. I talked to my husband about this as well and we have decided to change our ways, first step is I am no longer going to go back to work, we have enough saving to pay my portion of the bills for 4 years. From now on my job is to make the memories. So in 8 more years we won’t be looking at it the same way wishing we had done one more cuddle or one more family outing before he’s all grown up.

Today I learnt that where others see success you can see failure.