I’m being induced Thursday morning. I have to be at the hospital at 7:30am and I’ve specifically asked all family to please wait until I deliver to come up to the hospital. I’m getting really frustrated bc my grandma insists on coming at 10am. My mom insists on being there as well. I’ve told them over and over that I really just want to be alone with my partner and they can come after we’ve had our time to bond with baby and we’re ready. Today I mentioned my frustration with them wanting to come and I was told that I was being selfish basically, and I should take other peoples feelings into consideration. That I wasn’t the only person who mattered. Which is ridiculous to me bc I feel like I’m all who should matter, I am having a baby, no one else. Its really getting to me and at this point I feel like giving up and just saying whatever. It’s super irritating tho bc I wanted things done my way and they can’t respect my feelings.