Update#1 Pregnancy or Normal Post Miscarriage


I had a.miscarriage over a month ago at 5.5 weeks. I stopped bleeding after 5 days. For the last two weeks I have been cramping like crazy, getting nauseous, and super sore boobs. I thought it was my period coming on (I get bad PMS) but i got a positive pregnancy test.

I figure that I still have old hcg in my system but 35 days post miscarriage seems a bit excessive for a pregnany that didn't make it to 6w. I am getting bloodwork done but am dying to know is something is wrong with my hormones.

Any thoughts or similar experiences?????


I am technically pregnant but I fear not for long. They were worried about a ectopic pregnancy so they did a US. There is no yolk sac. I will find out on Friday if my hcg has increased.


Pray for me guys.