38+5 & still waiting


After being admitted to hospital for early stages of labour and low movement with baby and being told I’d be induced- got a scan done and told baby looks happy so they didn’t want to induce me. After first I was not happy with that but thinking about it I’d rather bub come when ready to rush it out and run into complications. So we did a stretch & sweep lost half my plug during the sweep and still losing it, contractions still strong but irregular for drs. So trying to relax/walk with heat pack and pain meds until I hit the next stage. They wanted to keep me to monitor me but I said no I wanted to be home for my son. Let’s be honest I’m Frustrated that bub isn’t here yet but at least it happy & they have given me something for the pain so I can sleep. App 2mro to see how I’m progressing. Fingers crossed this cheeky monkey comes soon.