Feeling guilty šŸ˜¢


My 2 week old was cluster feeding last night and fighting her sleep real bad (as usual) so we struggled to put her to sleep...She was being super fuzzy. We got her to fall asleep at some point and we immediately went to bed too. However I did not save the time in where I fed her (I accidentally discarded it from the app when I woke up) and all I know is it was around 11 pm so we woke up at 5 sm to find out we slept through our alarms to feed her. She was awake nut not crying, shd was just makin little fuzzy sounds and she was calm when I put her on my breast...but I feel so terribly guilty when I think I let her go what? Like 7 hours since the last time she ate! I'm feeling like a very bad mom.

We went to her 2 week appointment on monday and she has surpassed her birthweight by 8 oz. but I still feel bad letting her sleep so long while I was totally out. Was she super hungry and not being heard? My poor baby, I'm so sorry...