Finally taking clomid, hoping for first round success !

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About 5 months ago I have a reading done by a psychic and she said I would conceive between nov-Jan. I then was obsessed and had another psychic reading , and this one said I would be pregnant by the new year. Me being me, and wanting all the answers I asked one more psychic . She said I would conceive nov-dec .

Although at the time I thought it was forever away and was sad, that time is almost here !! I just started my first doing of clomid and if I conceive it will be nov when I find out and most likely first ultrasound in December !

I also had my cards read and she said she wasn’t able to give me a time frame but she was able to tell me that I needed to get my levels checked. Once I did that, and got on the proper medication I would receive my little blessing ! Well last month I finally got my levels checked and sure enough I wasn’t ovulating ( Atleast not that month). So here I am taking clomid!! I feel like everything these psychics have said is going to happen.

I can’t wait for November to see if I get my BFP!!