Ladies with lupus?


Hi everyone, So I am 28 and pregnant for the 2nd time. I have been given multiple diagnoses since I was 18 with symptoms starting at 12. My rheumy decided lupus fits best again. I was also diagnosed with antiphospholipid syndrome so I'm at risk for blood clots. I found this out between my miscarriage in march and this pregnancy. I started plaquenil again. And when I found out I started lovenox injections daily. THEY SUCK! I cant do them myself so my fiance does and they burn like hell. I'm scared as can be and worried somethings going to go wrong. My younger sister also has lupus and lost her son at 34weeks. She has a health one year old now since she was diagnosed and placed on bloodthinners.

Really just looking for someone who understands how scary this is and talk to. My fiance reallt tries to reassure me but it feels like hes just brushing it off.