Postpartum yeast infection?

I had no clue postpartum came with so much changes as well😭 I’m 2 weeks PP exactly today and I think I have a yeast infection.. the smell is already bothersome enough but yeast infection too? It’s itchy and uncomfortable. I change my pads and panty liners a lot. I also make sure i shower. I have no clue what i did to disturb my ph. I have a first degree tear not sure if this has anything to do with it but the stitches seem to have dissolved and it doesn’t hurt anymore. It’s just itchy.. Is this common for postpartum? I’m not bleeding I’m having brownish discharge but I am breastfeeding as well and I get a gush of bright red blood when I pump but nothing to much. I’m bleeding on and off so I switch from pads to panty liners. My postpartum doctors visit is next week I can’t wait that long and I know I cant use Monistat right now..