I think he likes me back!🥰

First just a little background information: I’ve had a crush on this guy for a few weeks he is also my friend’s brother so I told her that i like him before this happened and she told me to go for it. Also he doesn’t know.

I was high at school on Friday and I got on the bus like normal but instead of sitting next to my friend I sat with her brother which she was ok with. She sat behind us and I told them both that I was high. After a few minutes I laid my head on his shoulder and he seemed to be ok with it. eventually I accidentally bumped his hand with mine and pulled my hand away from him but he ended up reaching for my hand so I grabbed his hand and we stayed like that till we almost got to my stop and I looked up at him and said “I don’t wanna leave” and he replied with “I don’t want you to leave either but you have to” and I ended up getting off the bus and going home.

Neither of them have phones and I can’t wait till Monday so I can see him. I kinda think that he was just being nice because I was high but maybe he does like me back. What do you think?

UPDATE: He was not at school today but his sister was and she told me he is sick. She also told me that he wouldn’t stop talking about me all weekend. Apparently he has liked me for a month or two now and I had no idea. He’s supposed to be back at school tomorrow but idk yet. He normally has band practice on Tuesday and Thursday but this week he dosent. Can’t wait for tomorrow!🥰🥰☺️☺️💕💕💕💕💕