I still can’t believe it

So a few days ago my MIL decided she needed to say nasty things to me. She talked about how I was nasty and fat and I told her that I’m only fat because I tried to have her son kid (our son passed away in my tummy halfway through our pregnancy) and then she went on to say that I can’t have kids because my pussy is nasty and my pussy is fucked up. I have never ever in my life heard anyone say things like that to another woman. The words that came out of her mouth were sooooo nasty. Calling me bitch and fat bitch. Every name in the book. She said she could see right through me from the start and she thinks I’m using her son even though I make more money than him and I’m more stable than him in all areas. Welp... look at what my nasty pussy had to say today. I pray that this baby is sticky. She will never be allowed anywhere near me.