Making a post to stop me POAS


I am writing this post to get everything out and give me the willpower to not take a test, I have one left which I'm saving for FMU tomorrow at 12dpo. I feel strange though. I normally get sore boobs but it's just an annoyance rather than being actual pain but this month since 7dpo they've been so sore and sensitive to the point where I can feel my bra all the time. I'm 11dpo today and they're not feeling any better. I've had cramps on and off since 8dpo, my back and hips are killing me. I've also not stopped crying which is unusual for me, I've been getting heartburn and I had loads of EWCM at 7 and 8dpo which I barely get even when ovulating. We used Preseed for the first time this month 🤞I tested yesterday and it was a dye run so that was pointless :/ I'm not getting my hopes up because I might just get a really bad period but keeping my fingers crossed!