Send good vibes or pray.. long deets.


Y’all I just want a break. Last Friday bub (15 weeks this coming Monday) started getting a bad cold, by Sunday he was much better (no fever).

Monday I have to pick him from daycare early cause he got HFMD. Ugh..

Thursday rolls around I get a sore throat. I chalk it up to weather change/allergies. I live in Chattanooga,Tn so allergies/weather is changing, FAST. And bub looks and feels better. Cool.

So Friday I wake up my throat feels so much better. So I get a free flu shot at work cause I didn’t have a fever and nurse said it was fine. Cool, again.

Fast forward to today... house is 70 F inside. I’m literally shivering in socks, T-shirt, fleece pj pants, a heating pad, a fleece blanket and a quilt that just came out of the dryer. This continues for a couple more hours. Take my temp it’s 103 😳 oh s#!+. Just took the heating pad off. So wait 20 mins but hadn’t moved, ate, or drank. Take it again, 102.9. Now oh f#€¥. Sore throat feels better, mild head pressure, kinda sore, not hungry but I chalk it up to be from lack of sleep due to sleep regression. Oh AND I EBF. So of course I’ve breathed all over my baby. Prayers or good vibes it’s just side effects from the shot and NOT the ACTUAL flu.

Side note, I get 1 cold a year and have gotten the flu 1 time in my life and just had nausea and a SEVERE sore throat. And always get the shot. 🆘!!!!