Baby sleeping 10 weeks


So advice here in the uk is that baby should sleep in the same room as you until 6 months old.

We have just got her into a bed time routine and she now goes down between 7/ 8 and settles herself which is brilliant.

She is waking in the night every 2/3 hours, which isnt ideal but i can handle to a certain extent. My issue is my husband is a loud sleeper, heavy breathing and snoring. She went down at 8 so i followed suit and went to bed at 9 to make the most of it. She then woke at 11 for a feed and husband still hadnt come to bed. At 2 he came in, she then woke assuming shed been disturbed by him and then again again at 4 after he was snoring..

I think we would all sleep so much better if she was to sleep in ther own room. She's only 10 weeks old so still feel like shes a bit young to go into her own room, but she gets so grumpy during the daytime because i dont think she is getting enough sleep.

I just feel nervous about the risk of sids etc..

Does anyone have advice or has put their littlw one in their own room this young? How did it go?