Here I go


I found out about two weeks ago that I'm surfing from anxiety and depression in front of my fianceè. He has been trying to understand why I'm sad or scared at all times. I even started to ask me for more in-depth questions about my day if anyone making feels comfortable or happy. Just because he knows I'm under a lot of stress. He is even helping me with my homework. I'm a full-time worker and an online student. I have a lot of family issues my hold life. I'm 23 years old and feel like a newborn baby when it comes to sleeping. I think that I sleep all day and all night. It is getting so bad that I'm starting to fail my class just because I'm too tired to do anything. I want this to stop so bad, but IDK how to stop it, and my fiancè feeling lost and tried his best to have supported me. But he still does not know what more can he do other than talking me out and have me talk. Any help with this just because I feel hopeless.