Need opinion about weird topic


Okay, so a full year ago, LAST November, we painted my LO’s nursery with expensive Sherwinn Williams paint. Yellow (with low VOCs for safety) and orange (No VOCs). It was the paint recommend for us because it was for a nursery. We painted, it dried, everything was fine. When LO was 3 months old, I went into his room at night and it smelled fairly strongly of paint. I had him sleep in our room the rest of the night. The next night, same thing. A full six months after we painted, the room suddenly smelled like paint! The weather had changed to more humid, but that shouldn’t have affected paint that was put on so long ago. We had no idea why, but we did have others come over and confirm it smelled like paint. So we moved everything to another room, and that’s still where LO is sleeping. The painted room is now where my husband works all day long. We’ve gone through the seasons and we can’t smell the paint anymore, my husband says he doesn’t have headaches or anything . Again, the paint shouldn’t have harmful chemicals anyway because of the type we bought, but I was concerned about the smell and that affecting him.

Anyway, we have to start baby proofing a lot more and we are considering moving him back into the original painted room since... it’s orange and yellow meant for a child! It hasn’t smelled in months (although I honestly don’t spend much time there - my husband says this). We called the paint company when it happened but they said they had never heard of such a thing. Would you move him back? I mean, we obviously have to use the room one way or another. My husband thinks it’s fine but I am sensitive to smells and he’s worried we will move everything back and then smell it again one day. I know this is a weird specific topic but I’m not sure what to do. I imagine it’s really fine for him. I’m kind of guessing/hoping that whatever it was has had its time to dry/ off gas and now it’s fine.