Why am I like this 😔

I've been ttc for almost 2.5 yrs now and had many losses and fertility issues along the way. We have secondary infertility so I am beyond grateful for my son but it doesn't make it any less hard.

My friend who has recently gotten into a relationship is now pregnant on her first month trying. She didn't even care who the father was, she just wanted a baby - she was about to do sperm donor before she met this guy. It appears that she's found love and really suited with her new partner but it just hurts my heart that it all just fell into place for her when I'm not even sure she was doing it for the right reasons at the beginning.

Meanwhile I cannot conceive no matter what we try. I feel like we do everything right but it never happens for us.

I feel so petty and embarrassed for feeling this way. I've always considered myself quite emotionally intelligent but this is really getting to me - and I hate that I'm letting it.

I just had to vent because every time I see her face all I can think about is how it's not me 😔