Being a brat or?

I purchased a room at holiday inn about 1 hour away from my home. It’s close to an airport and because of that they have so many malls and other interesting things to get into. So I invited this guy I’ve been seeing for a while now but we haven’t saw each other in a good minute. Bout 3 months. So I invited him to come to the hotel but I ended up picking him up. On the way to the hotel I suggested fun things we could do for the night. I suggested a haunted house while in the car and he declined and said that he was scared of haunted houses. Fair enough, it’s not everybody’s cup of tea so I understood. So we started talking about other things on our way to the hotel and got off the subject of what we were gonna do for the night. But when we got to the hotel I noticed all he kept bringing up was drinking. When I brought up other suggestions like a sit down restaurant he declined that as well saying he wasn’t hungry. Ok fair! Can’t make ya eat if you’re not hungry. So I told him well let’s look on Groupon and find something. He didn’t look but I did. He kept asking to go to the liquor store. So we ended up going to one down the street and came back to the room. In a nutshell the night ended with us doing absolutely nothing besides drinking and being cooped up in the hotel. He showed no interest in anything at all: I brought it to his attention this morning and told him I paid very good money for that room and to be around nice scenery and around nice things I could enjoy. If I wanted to fuck and drink I could’ve just paid for a dingy hotel somewhere by our house and we could’ve stayed there. Am I being brat or is this a legit reason to feel some type of way??

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