When you live in a world where so much is easily at your fingertips, fertility issues are especially crushing. I grew up spoiled, I’ll admit it. And as an adult that’s still the trend! My husband is pretty amazing, most of the time! However, none of this matters when your body won’t cooperate with your longing heart. You constantly try to figure out what part(s) of you are “broken” and how to fix them. You spend more time researching this stuff than anything else. Every single month there’s a window of sickening, tortuous, time where you feel overwhelmed with hope and then shortly after, you come crashing down with disappointment. October is infant loss month but honestly, what’s been harder than my miscarriage is not being able to get pregnant since. (Also paying the thousands of dollars in medical bills related to my pregnancy/miscarriage and then NOT bringing a baby home!) The pain women endure regarding this is insane. It’s not just a one time feeling- it repeats for us every month!! And most of the time you don’t even speak about it to anyone.