Baby does not sleep well in bassinet. Any similar experiences?


Hi Mommas,

I am in desperate need of advice, similar stories anything to help me keep my sanity. My 6 week old refuses to sleep in his bassinet. I wait until he is in a deep sleep before putting him down and he lasts a max of 45mins or an hour and wakes up crying. As you can imagine it makes nights 2x as long. He only feeds 2-3 between 12am-7am but I have to get up at least once every hour to pick him up wait until he stops crying and put him back in the bassinet. I tried swaddling and not swaddling. Just the same during day time naps, if he is not held he will wake up from his nap prematurely.

I’m scared that I am enabling him and making it worst in the long run but don’t know what to do. I’ve tried having him cry it out but he cries until he was out of breathe so I obviously picked him up.

How do I get him used to being put down. He doesn’t mind being lauded down during play time but minds it while sleeping.


EDIT-I know I felt so guilty after attempting to cry it out and haven’t done it since.

In regards to co-sleeping, I’m so scared of risking SIDS, what is everyone else doing to reduce that risk and still co-sleep?