Back on my clown shit (so help)

So I’ve been friends with my guy best friend for a year now. I started developing strong feelings for him back in February and we ended up being what you’d call “baefriends” in March and our relationship has been on and off like that ever since. It’s always easier for you to lose feelings for someone when you don’t see them often. Now I see him everyday. I’m seriously in love with him. My friend always talks about the way he “looks at me” and how any girl would want a guy to look at them like that. I mentioned something to him about it and jokingly told him to stop and he really hasn’t done it since(not that I’ve noticed). I’ve been back and forth with myself for WEEKS deciding if I should tell him about my feelings or not. Last week he started getting physically sexual. A lot more than I’ve seen(we didn’t do anything), but then he kissed me and kept trying to kiss me. We have one of those relationships where we argue all the time and it’s always “I hate you, I love you”. People always think him and I are dating. We started going back and forth about how we’d never date eachother because he’s “ugly” and I’m “ugly”. I’m lost because he’s doing all this shit and it’s confusing me. His words often contradict his actions and vice versa. He has this girl that i guess you could say he’s “into”. His friend told me that she told him she wasn’t ready which is why they aren’t dating, but he lied to me and told me they were. I have no clue why. What the hell do I do y’all. This boy is confusing as fuck. (He’s one of those extremely cocky guys that has mommy issues so he clearly doesn’t fuck with the whole love shit)