Okay hello my son is three weeks old and. I had depression for years and I have anxiety and bipolar and ptsd and last night my mom did the night shift with the baby again so I can sleep but I feel like I hate putting my responsibilities on my parents I feel like I should do more mind you I tore so I got stitches 2nd degree so I been taking it easy but I feel

Guilty that my mom did the night shift and my son sleeps like all night but we feed him every 4-5 hours and I just feel like I guess a bad mom or w e because last night I had a melt down. I guess you can say. I felt overwhelmed but I dont know why becaue my mom and my dad and my bf have been doing a lot for my son while I relax and take it easy. I just feel withdrawn and depressed and need someone to talk to more about this please feel free to message me. I just want more friends that can relate I am going to call my dr about meds today. And about my depression I just need more people to talk to