Need advice

How long did it take everyone to get over thinking they could get pregnant anytime they had sex. I’m 22 and just recently started having sex. I’m doing everything right, I’m on the pill (Hardly ever am late taking it) we use condoms and he pulls out before finishing. Even when we are just messing around and he doesn’t have a condom on, but he penis is nowhere near me, I still over think it. Every little thing that goes on with my body I’m scared it’s from being pregnant. Like last week, I had a few more pimples then I usually do (they cleared up), my period only lasted a day and a half and I thought I was pregnant. Today my boobs feel like there is pressure on them, but I think that’s cus I slept on my chest. Like all of these things scare me. My doctor gave me some anxiety pills last time and I switched my birth control and I got a lot better, but still I get scared. How do I get over this?