Destination wedding or the whole shebang?


So my fiancé and I just got engaged and we have been together for 4 1/2 years.💍 (im 20 and he’s 22) So I’ve always dreamt of a big beautiful wedding with a ceremony and country rustic theme, people watching and celebrating with us. But I was looking at ideas and found the sandals and beaches resorts in Jamaica does the free wedding when you stay 3 nights or more and that really appealed to me.

I was thinking that would be good because I’m really scared that people wouldn’t come to the wedding. And all of our hard work and money would just go to waste. Plus it would make me really sad. I already have a hard time thinking of who would even be my bridesmaids as I don’t have a ton of friends.

Plus I have always wanted to go to some tropical island and this sounds so perfect. The romance and it’s such a nice resort, all inclusive🌴.

But we would go just ourselves because our families wouldn’t all be able to afford to go. And it would be wrong to have my family come and not his so it we decided it would just be us two. Which means no parents, or dad walking me down the aisle, and our daughter would not be able to come. (She is only 4 months old, so she wouldn’t really know what’s going on anyways) And if we have the big wedding we would most likely not be able to afford a big honeymoon like that. And I really don’t want to feel sad because people didn’t come. (That’s what happened at my baby shower, we invited like 40 people and only 12 came😔)

So i guess my question is, should I do the big wedding or do the destination wedding?