Weird breastfeeding question

This is going to sound weird so please don't poke fun...

My son is 7 months and now has 4 teeth, 2 up top and 2 on bottom both sets in the center. He has been nursing since birth and is now doing three solids meals per day. This morning and later this afternoon something changed in the way he passively sucks. He normally passive nurses lightly but today he's been almost biting but not really biting. More like a deeper latch and hard like he would with a pacifier. Is that normal? I was thinking maybe because of teething but I wasn't sure. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

Update- Thank you for putting my mind at ease! This is the furthest I've gotten with breastfeeding. My first only went 3 months so some of this is new to me. Thank you for your reassurance and understanding 🤗