Boyfriends friend who lived with us irritates the fuck out of me... rant

My boyfriend’s friend lives with us and he annoys me. He always makes a mess in the kitchen, he eats all the food, never cleans up after himself, literally has the TV on mad loud all fucking night...

He stays in the bathroom forever and I’m sorry but when you have a baby kicking you in the bladder that shit gets annoying, he never pays his rent on time or at all. He sleeps on the couch all day and stays up all night so nobody can go in the living room. He doesn’t fold up his blankets in the morning and leaves them strewn all over the couch. The TV is hooked up to my boyfriends PS4 and when my boyfriend tried using HIS OWN SHIT one day this friend snatched the controller out of his hand.

He gets talked to about this shit all the time but he doesn’t care, and it bothers me. Now just to make things clear... I can’t kick him out. I’m a soon to be teen mom living with my boyfriend and his family who is more of a family than my own. This friend is literally 21 years old.

My boyfriend’s parents were generous enough to let me stay here because I’m still working on getting my diploma. That’s why I am sure to never leave a mess when I cook, clean up after myself always, hell even clean up this friend’s dishes and mess... and not gourge on ALL the snacks or food my boyfriends parents buys. I even buy food for myself and have made the mistake of not hiding it only to find my unopened giant bag of tortilla chips I was going to use to make dinner for my boyfriend and I completely gone the next morning.

Like I said, my boyfriend’s family is literally my family. That’s who I consider to be my family. And it irritates me to see this dude basically take advantage of his parent’s extreme kindness. And when I have my baby and I’m rushing to the bathroom at night bleeding, I don’t wanna have to walk by this dude who’s up all night to get to the bathroom. I’m gonna try and breastfeed and will basically be confined to the bedroom just because he takes up the living room.

I haven’t really talked to my boyfriend about how I feel other than how annoying it is he has the TV loud every night (everyone In the house agrees) and the mess he leaves. Because it’s not “my house” so I don’t feel entitled to have an opinion on it. I just needed to rant.