I’m so anxious... what do you guys think is happening to me??

Hey ladies!! So before I start this and anyone tells me to test or go to the doctor I already tested and I go to the doctor tomorrow. So I was supposed to start my period on the 19th but it always comes early so I tested on the 18th and it was negative. On the 22nd I started getting yeast infection symptoms. (This would be 4 days late) so today the 24th I still have no period and still have the symptoms. I know early pregnancy can cause yeasts. I don’t have any other symptoms of pregnancy.. my boobs are not sore or tender I do have some very light cramping but nothing I can’t handle like when I get my period. Do you think I could still be pregnant even though that one test I took before I was late was negative ? I’m just anxious and can’t wait for the doctors tomorrow.

Update: I just woke up for work and I’m super nauseous. I’m over the toilet with the feeling to vomit.