Please help

I’m in need of some advice , my ex husband currently lives in his own house with my three kids. He got me kicked out of where I was and been having trouble looking into my own place. I moved out of my moms 8 months ago now we are renting a room. We are trying to save up for our own spot because I want to have my kids live with me as well as I am currently 7 months pregnant with my boyfriends child. When I was with my ex at the time we had our own place thought he was being faithful and such . He was not at all he stole money and got us kicked out of all the places we have lived. I never asked anyone for help. Problem is that my ex is having problems the cops keep showing up because he has people living there renting out rooms . Idk them , and it’s hard for me to find out what’s going on cause I have a restraining order against him. Anyways I just need some guidance I am so depressed and trying to fight for full custody , he gets government assistance which makes it a bit harder to get the help I need . In order to get the help I need , he has to close his case or I have to take him to court which can take months . I just wish I could have my own house and have my kids stay with me . I just feel so helpless at this point . I’d be more than willing to have and pay for my own spot if I knew someone who would rent to us. I’m just frustrated because I am trying to get this settled before he loses the house and my kids have no where to live . Please no rude comments , I am very depressed !