Okay. So my hubby and I have been TTC since early September and haven’t been successful yet... anyway, I got my period this go around and I’ve had some symptoms WAYY out of left field. This period, I have been nauseous, dizzy, STARVING constantly, and have had some minor headaches.

The nausea and dizziness this bad have NEVER happened on my period, and I’m taking nausea to the point where I sit by the porcelain throne for a good half hour certain in going to puke (randomly evening and morning).

I definitely get period cravings, but this time it’s like nothing will fill me up. Heaping bowl of pasta? Cool, but 5 mins later my ass is back in the kitchen STARVING again.

The headaches are new as well. When I say all of these things are out of the blue, I mean I’ve never had a period where I get these symptoms. Anyone have answers for me??