Sciatica / sciatic nerve pain - omg help me


My left butt cheek/lower spine is in SERIOUS pain. If I bend at the waist, I am kind of stuck in that position for a minute while I work up the nerve to straighten out and endure the pain.

Here’s what I have already done:

- Started back up with the chiropractor

- Supplements: I’m taking my multivitamin, DHA/fish oil, turmeric, and magnesium

- Icing it every afternoon

- Wearing sneakers to walk around the house

- Hip lift stretches

- Sleeping with a pillow between my legs on the side

... it’s been 3 days of all this stuff and I don’t feel any relief except for in that little span of time after I use the ice pack. I’m in so much pain and I have a toddler who still expects full playtime with mom.