Letrozole cycle buddies?

Kaitlin • Married 4/6/13 together since 11/14/06, Endometriosis, Finley 💗 born 6/24/16, 4 angel babies 1 being an ectopic. Trying for baby #2

My period started Wednesday night but we’re considering Thursday day one. I start Letrozole 5mg tomorrow (days 3-7) I had a laparoscopy in September to check for endometriosis and get my remaining tube checked. My first cycle post surgery was with clomid and I had some nice follicles but my lining was thin so we switched back to letrozole. Over the past 6-7 years I’ve done numerous cycles of clomid and I did a full 6 cycles of letrozole that ended in April. We did the surgery to see if it’d help since that is what we did before we had finally conceived our daughter 4 years ago. She was conceived with clomid. We’re approved to do <a href="https://glowing.com/glow-fertility-program">IVF</a> but the costs have us pushing that off for a while and continuing to try without for now. Praying for a lucky cycle and hoping to find a friend who’s going through the same thing. In the past I’ve ovulated around day 14 with letrozole, so I’m hoping for the same result this time also, which would lead to November 27th or around then. At this point I’m praying we can get a baby or two. I’ve spent so much of my adult life trying for babies and it’s been so tough. On top of this we’re closing on a house this week and will probably end up moving around the time of ovulation. Baby dust to you ladies out there trying to get your BFP too!