Update Of Why I've Been Feeling So 💩🗑️


I'm 32 Weeks and 3 Days today (they keep changing my date between Jan. 6 and 7.)

I have been feeling extremely awful, in pain, feeling like I'm having a BAD period (no bleeding), can't walk for long, hurts to move, feeling my hips widening, etc. The list goes on. It's been about 9 days now since this all started and since I lost a small amount of my mucus plug.

I was checked yesterday and the dr said that baby's head is still high, cervix is closed and posterior. She ordered urine tests to see if they would tell us anything for why I don't feel good because my complaints and symptoms don't make her feel comfortable. She, also, ordered me an ultrasound.

Still waiting for the urine results, but my ultrasound was today and VERY good reason for me not feeling good is that baby's head is very low! The tech had to practically go through my pelvic bone to try and get a good angle to get any type of images at all. The wand for the ultrasound hurt anytime she was over my pelvic area, although at the end it felt like a much needed massage. She was surprised when I mentioned that the Dr had said the head was high up and my cervix was closed. She couldn't even get a clear face image because baby's head was so tucked into my pelvis. The measurements of baby's head that she was able to get weren't exactly accurate, but baby's head is measuring between 12/23/19 and 1/03/20. Baby's weight is about 4lbs 5oz. I stopped gaining weight and have been maintaining the same weight for about a month now. I have cravings badly, but a serious lack of appetite the last week.

This is my second baby and my first was full term, 3 days before due date, now about 22 months old.

I'm waiting to be able to read the full report and see how my Dr will feel about her being so low on the scans.

P.S. Reading back, me saying "baby" and "baby's" isn't meant to be impersonal. We are having a girl and I felt having 3 "shes" or "hers" in the story would be very confusing.