Doctor said “Unsure” ?!


So my husband and I had sex three times during my ovulation week the last week of September. AF started October 10th and lasted till the 16th. Normally my period lasts for around 7-10 days and is very heavy. However, that period was very light and didn’t last as long as normal. I started getting very nauseous and was throwing up and also started to become very tired, to the point where I would go to bed by 10pm and sleep till 11-12 in the afternoon. I took a pregnancy test and swore i was a faint line. (look at picture below)

Fast forward to now. My period was supposed to start November 10th. It didn’t start till November 12th and it was once again very light, not heavy. No clots like i would normally have. Basically spotting. I have on a light pad and change it once a day but barely has anything on it. I am still sick. I have been throwing up more and doing anything at all makes me nauseous. I don’t know what to do.

*UPDATE* i went to the doctor and they tested my urine and it came back negative. However, the doctor told me that there is still a possibility that I am pregnant and it’s just not showing up yet.

They gave me my papers and I left and I read them and it says Pregnant: “Unsure”. What?! Has this ever happened to any of you?