I wouldn't last without a cell phone 🤣😂

So I had an appointment with my eye Dr. My truck is having issues, so my husband had to take me. He dropped me off at the door and said he would go park and just wait in the car. So I get inside, get signed in and sit down. I went to pull out my phone to turn it on silent, but couldn't find it. I must have left it in the car or at home. I was a little frustrated because my eye Dr is connected to the mall, so the parking lot is huge and I wouldn't be able to call my husband to see where he was parked when I was finished.

Once I'm done, I walk out and figure I will have to walk all around the parking lot looking for him. It didn't take long to find he car. I walk out to it, and he's not there. Keep in mind, it's like 10° outside. The car is locked. I go back in to the eye Dr to use their phone, but of course, my husband did not pick up because who picks up a call from a random number anymore? I look through the windows of the stores connected to the mall on the outside, can't find him. I go back out to the car, thinking I could just wait there, he will eventually head back out. But no, it's freezing. Not going to happen.

My plan was to either go into the mall and keep using different store's phones until he finally picked up, go use one of the pay phones that is in the food court, or go to the customer service desk and have them call for him over the intercom.

Luckily, when I walked into the mall, he was heading out of one of the stores near by. We decided to go ahead and get lunch at the food court and turns out the pay phones are gone anyway 🤦‍♀️ I rarely go to the mall lol

It was stressful! Lol

Forgot to mention, he has been having problems checking is voicemail ever since he got a new phone.