Just need to vent 😩

Chelsa • Momma to Chiron Joseph born 12/24/19

So long story short, my mother in law is very much so the typical pushy MIL. She keeps repeating things over and over again about how “[my husbands] coming home outfit from when he was a baby is in a box in our garage and I should use it” (an aunt of mine gifted me an outfit I want to use and she knows this) & “when [my husband] was a baby she made sure to bottle feed him from the beginning so her estranged (and really, detached from my husbands life) ex husband could have bonding time with his son”

She went so far to send my husbands cousins BABY MAMA who I have no relationship with to message me about how it isn’t fair for my husband for me to exclusively breast feed my unborn son.

All I wanna say is

“Wow ok well that worked out so well for you and my husband since his father literally doesn’t care to have a relationship with his son.”

Trying to figure out- is it time for me to say something? Do I just let it go? It’s really intrusive and I’m just sooooo tired of hearing her opinions over and over again. I know it comes from a place of love. I don’t want to upset anyone, but it’s getting to be too much for me to bear and triggers me into a stress spiral which I do not need anymore stress as it is... ugh help.